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NFC ICs and Modules

Easily add short range wireless communication to your electronic designs with Panasonic Near Field Communication (NFC) modules and interface ICs, and improve your products by adding cloud connectivity and user friendly, mobile device-based user interfaces.

Panasonic ICs provide worldwide interoperabitlity with the fast increasing range of NFC-enabled mobile phones and tablets by supporting a wide range of established industry standards. The built-in nonvolatile FeRAM (ferroelectric RAM) memory supports an extremely high count of read-write cycles, and can be powered by harvesting energy from the mobile device. Panasonic NFC ICs and modules can be used as always accessible storage for system configuration and diagnostic data, for in-application wireless update of embedded software, or to implement transparent hand-over to other protocols like WiFi or Bluetooth. 

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  • Built-in 4-Kbit FeRAM non-volatile memory with fast write and low power consumption.

  • RF interface compliant with JIS X 6319-4 (FeliCa) and ISO/IEC 14443 Type B of the 13.56-MHz contactless IC card standards.

  • Serial interface: Selectable from UART, I²C and Synchronous serial (except MN63Y1212)

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