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Microcontroller microprocessor

Panasonic AM microcomputer series provides high-performance embedded controllers optimized for applications such as sensor, power and automotive fields.


  • 8-bit Low Power Microcomputers MN101L SeriesDelivers both smaller area and small ROM code size as 8-bit microcomputer and high performance as 16-bit microcomputer based on 16-bit microcomputer core with alterable (3 or 4) stage pipeline. It also delivers lower power consumption of the system by intermittent operation.
  • 8-bit Microcomputers MN101E SeriesDelivers a ROM code size as small as that of assembly language program by adopting the appropriate architecture such as its half-byte instruction set based on 8-bit microcomputer core with 3-stage pipeline.
  • 8-bit Microcomputers MN101C SeriesThese microcomputers are suitable for a wide range of applications demanding high cost performance. The MN101 Series consists of the MN101C and MN101E Series.
  • 32-bit High Performance Microcomputers MN103S SeriesDelivers both high performance and lower power consumption by selecting appropriate cache memory and expansion ALUs corresponding to the application's feature based on the microcomputer core with 5-stage pipeline.
  • 32-bit Low Power Microcomputers MN103L SeriesDelivers smaller area, lower power consumption, and high performance by implementing 32 expanded instruction functions including 32 x 32 high-speed multiplication and multiply-and-accumulate operations based on the microcomputer core with alterable (3 or 4) stage pipeline.

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