Microcomputers: High-performance Inverter MCU MN103H

High-performance Inverter MCU MN103H design engineers Panasonic

MN103H Series embedded 32-bit flash Microcomputer with Panasonic original 32-bit CPU "AM32R",  offers high speed processing ability and low power consumption.

This Series creates a high efficiency and high performance power management system because of the high performance PWM circuit, high speed A/D converter, inverter/converter dedicated Arithmetic logic unit (3 phase-3 phase conversion, Trigonometric function, square root, n-order multiply–accumulate operation, flash dedicated cache).

Features / Benefits

  • 32-bit CPU Original Core With High-speed Calculation Ability And High Processing Speed
  • High-speed/High-precision Analog Circuit
  • Abundant Lineup From 48-pin To 144-pin Can Satisfy Various Systems' Requirement

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