MN1M7 Series embedded Arm core

MN1M7AF03N design engineers Panasonic

Part No: MN1M7AF03N


ItemPerformance characteristics
Product Lifecycle StageUnder Planning
ApplicationsInvertor & Converter Control
ROM Size576 KB
RAM Size128 KB
Pin Count80
Max Operating Frequency160 MHz
16-bit Timer20 channel
PWM13 channel
3-Phase PWM Output Function [use 3 PWMs]2 set
Serial I/F [Clock Synchronous]6 channel
Serial I/F [UART]5 channel
Serial I/F [I2C]2 channel
Serial I/F [LIN]1 channel
Serial I/F [CAN]n/a
Serial I/F [Remarks]Sync/I2C x1,Sync/UART/LIN x1,Sync/UART x2,Sync/SPI/UART x1, Sync/SPI/UART/I2C x1
DMA16 channel
ADC [12bit]18 channel
Min Instruction Exec. Time / Voltage6.25 / 3.5 to 5.5 ns/V
Max Operating Voltage5.5 V
Min Operating Voltage3.5 V
Number of I/O Ports62 channel
External Interrupt15 channel
High Speed On Chip Oscillator Frequency10 MHz
Power On ResetYes
Low Voltage DetectionYes
Watch Dog Timer1 channel
Other Special FunctionDouble-precision floating-point arithmetic,ROM/RAM-ECC,Clock monitor,High resolution PWM,VGA x5units
RoHS (Compliance Certificate)n/a
REACH (Report of Confirmation)n/a

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