Semiconductors: Light Emitting Diodes

Light Emitting Diodes design engineers Panasonic
LEDs, Panasonic Semiconductor

Panasonic‘s colored and white LEDs catalogue supports a broad range of applications. Colors from red to blue are available in a wide variety of packages, from standard through-hole types to ultra-thin top and side firing SMT variants. High brightness white LEDs benefit from Panasonic’s advanced technologies, like GaN on GaN, suitable for robust automotive lighting systems, or flat spectrum high color rendering for flash and illumination functions.


  • Standard through-hole LEDsWide line-up, red to blue color range, 3mm to 5mm package diameters, various opening angles.
  • Surface-mount LEDsThe industry’s largest range of top firing 0.2mm height SMT LEDs.
  • White LEDsHigh brightness, high color rendering white LEDs and modules lighting. High reliability GaN on GaN LEDs for automotive lighting.

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