LED Driver ICs: LED Driver ICs for Lighting

LED Driver ICs for Lighting design engineers Panasonic
Led Driver for Lighting

AN30888A and AN30888B are DC-DC controllers ideal for driving high-luminance LEDs for LED Lighting. They are equipped with 2 lighting adjustment modes (PWM control and reference voltage control), and can be made compatible with boost, buck, or buck-boost voltage by changing the external components. In addition to LED Lighting, they can also be used for general lighting such as LED backlights, LED flashes, LED lanterns and more.

 Features / Benefits

  • Compatible With Boost, Buck, Or Buck-Boost Voltage By Changing External Components
  • Wide Range Of Operating Voltage: 3V To 20 (15)V
  • Capable Of Setting An Appropriate Supply Voltage And Number Of LED Drives According To Applications
  • Flexible Light Intensity Control
  • Reference Voltage Control (High Accuracy/High Efficiency)
  • Brightness Control By PWM

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