LED Driver ICs: LED Driver ICs for Amusements

LED Driver ICs for Amusements design engineers Panasonic
LED Driver for Amusement

The AN3777 Series ICs are suitable for driving LEDs used in amusement applications.

 Features / Benefits

  • Full-Color LEDs Available
    Provide The 24-channel Type (AN37774A, AN37775A) As Key Products. The 9-channel Type
  • (AN37777A) Is Also Available For Small Boards That Don’t Have Enough Space For Wires
  • Data Transfer Type Selectable Based On The Number Of LEDs, Preventing Transfer Delay Between Drivers
    Address Selection Type: AN37777A, AN37770A, AN37774A, And AN37775A 
    24-Channel Type: (AN37774A, AN37775A): IIC Or SPI Selectable
  • Built-In LDO That Reduces The Parts Count (AN37775A, AN37777A)
    The LED Power Supply Can Be Used To Power The IC, Reducing The Number Of Wires, Harnesses, And Connectors
  • Easy To Collectively Adjust The Brightness Of LEDs (AN37775A, AN37777A)
    The Software-Controlled Brightness Adjustment Reduces The Time To Develop Software,
    Allowing Easy Design Into Amusement Applications With User-Adjustable Brightness Control
  • High ESD Noise Immunity
    Provide A Circuit To Prevent Logical Errors Due To Transient Voltage Drop, Simplifying The  Design Of Applications

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