Semiconductors: Diodes

Diodes design engineers Panasonic
Panasonic Diodes

Original semiconductor process technologies like the thin-trench junction barrier Schottky (JBS) and the four layer ion implantation Zener (FiZ) significantly improve the key characteristics and performance of our diodes against the state of the art in their respective target applications. Advanced chip scale packages contribute to improved heat extraction, reduced parasitics, and circuit miniaturization.


  • Schottky Barrier DiodesImproved VF and IR characteristics and ESD robustness by JBS structure in tiny 0,08cm² CSP packages.
  • TVS DiodesWide line-up of transient voltage suppression diodes support up to 2W (total power) / 1kW (pulse) dissipation.
  • Zener DiodesGreatly reduced dispersion of the Vzener parameter thanks to original FiZ structure; for surge absorption and ESD protection.
  • General Purpose Diodes

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