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Panasonic Audio Integrated LSIs

This LSI (MNZSW20QAUB) is an integrated LSI on which the basic vehicle audio functions (CD/USB playback, AM/FM radio, and audio backend) are combined on a single chip. By completely integrating the radio frontend (RF circuits) on a single chip, peripheral components can be greatly reduced, reducing the space required for circuit boards and enabling the production of vehicle audio systems at a lower cost.


  • By putting RF-CMOS completely on single chip, digital assist technology※1 is achieved, basic reception capabilities of AM/FM radio are improved, and the number of required peripheral components can be reduced (by 55% compared to conventional products)※2
  • Built-in WMA, MP3, And AAC Decoders Make USB Or iPod Replay Easy
  • Built-in Audio Backend Enables Audio Processing Necessary For Vehicle Environments

※1 Digitalization of various types of signal processing such as noise removal, etc.

※2 Compared to Panasonic's previous-generation LSI.

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