Semiconductors: Analog ICs

Analog ICs design engineers Panasonic
Analog IC

Panasonic's Integrated Circuits (ICs) implement a specific function that appeals to a wide market. Panasonic offers a wide range of Integrated Circuits (ICs) for Video, Audio, Communication, Information Equipment, Automotive, Power Supply, Motor Drives, Displays and Storage.


  • LED DriversPanasonic provides a wide variety of LED driver ICs for illumination of mobile phones, smartphones, home electrical appliances, and others
  • Motor DriversPanasonic provides a lineup of motor drivers for lens control and other specific purposes, as well as of common stepping motors and 3-phase DC motors.
  • Wireless ChargingPanasonic's wireless power control ICs support all equipments (DSC, DVC, portable audio, cellphone, smartphone, etc.) conforming to WPC 1.1 (Qi standard) of WPC (Wireless Power Consortium).