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Panasonic Robot Software
  • Arc Sensor

The sensor corrects deviation from taught weld line by detecting weld current changes during weaving welding.

  • Touch Sensor

The welding wire touches the workpiece and compensates a workpiece position error, which reduces jig costs.

  • Auto extension

Compensates heat distortion or teaching error of odd-shaped work. Robots detect changes in wire extension and compensates automatically. 

  • Weld Data Management

Big progress toward ideal production and quality control. Samples weld data with an interval of up to 50 micro seconds, allowing high-precision monitoring and status/ error output. The data can be stored and used for quality control.

  • Harmonic movement

Panasonic offers software solutions which make it possible to realize harmonic movement between external axis and robot or multiple robots. The software ensures that the relative speed and the relative trajectory are synchronized with each other. 

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