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Panasonic PC-Software DTPS

DTPS Desk Top Programming & Simulation System is program simulation software developed exclusively for Panasonic robots. With this software, users can create and edit robot programs and verify robot motion offline. DTPS supplies a smoothly transmission of the robot programs from your office PC to the robot controller. 4 Levels of the DTPS-Software allow an optimal adjustment:

  1. Data Manager Software
  2. Text Converting Software
  3. PC Data Editing with Auto Backup Software
  4. DTPS-Offline Programming Software 


  • Creation of system layouts
  • Import of external 3D-CAD data
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Programs can be modified and edited by PC
  • Collision guard during program flow
  • Evaluation of welding and cycle time
  • Optional Ethernet communication between robots and pc available
  • Auto-Backup-Function

Customer Benefits 

  • Reducing of machine downtimes of robot welding cells with offline programming
  • System diagnose and fault analysis by PC without production intermission
  • Cycle time reduction and quality intensification by programming by PC
  • Assessments of product costs by creating of simulations 
  • Time saving at programming welding lines by using special macros in DTPS software 

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