Peripherals: AC-Servo Motors

AC-Servo Motors design engineers Panasonic
AC-Servo Motors

With the help of AC Servo Motors the functionality of positioners can be increased and furthermore additional applications are possible. A flexible solution from Panasonic! The AC-Servo Motors are free programmable and help improve synchronism with robots, enables smoother movement, and enhances productivity.


Rated Output100 W750 W1600 W2000 W3500 W5500 W
Rated torque0.318 (Nm)2.39 (Nm)5.09 (Nm)9.54 (Nm)16.6 (Nm)26 (Nm)
Inst. torque0.95 (Nm)7.16 (Nm)15.27 (Nm)28.5 (Nm)50 (Nm)52.9 (Nm)
Rated rotation3000 (r/min)3000 (r/min)3000 (r/min)2000 (r/min)2000 (r/min)2000 (r/min)
Rotation6000 (r/min)5000 (r/min)5000 (r/min)3000 (r/min)3000 (r/min)3000 (r/min)

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