Robot & Welding System Solutions: PerformArc Welding Systems

PerformArc Welding Systems design engineers Panasonic
PerformArc Welding Systems

Panasonic PerformArc welding robot systems providing exactly, what welding customer expect. They are of a modular concept, developed using standard reliable Panasonic components. We provide turnkey, cost-efficient and universally usable solutions. All from a single manufacturer – Without interfaces. 

Customer benefits:

  • Easy settings – Only one Teach Pendant for robot and power source
  • Reduced running cost – Only one Panasonic technician needed for any training and maintenance
  • Cost-efficient production of welding components
  • High quality welding with high production rate
  • Economical and flexible complete system solution


  • MTPerformArc MT (Manual Turntable)
  • ETPerformArc ET (Electrical Turntable)
  • H-FramePerformArc H-Frame
  • FW PerformArc FW (Ferris Wheel)
  • TTPerformArc TT (Table-Table)

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