PerformArc Welding Systems: Table-Table

Table-Table design engineers Panasonic

The Panasonic arc welding robot cell PerformArc TT (Table-Table) is of a modular concept, developed using standard reliable Panasonic components.

The Panasonic standard cell is also available in the following specifications:

  • PerformArc TT
  • PerformArc TT-2PD-150
  • PerformArc TT-2PD-250 (with 2 external axes PanaDice)
  • PerformArc TT-2PD-500 (with 2 external axes PanaDice)
  •  PerformArc TT-2DK-300 (with 2 tilt and turn positioners)
  • PerformArc TT-2DK-500 (with 2 tilt and turn positioners)


PerormArc TT



Work table (mm)1050 x 500 mm800 x 600 mm----
Max. Work Piece (mm)900 x 600 mm700 x 600 mm800 x 1000 mm800 x 1000 mm800 x 1200 mm800 x 1200 mm
Fixture Area (mm)1050 x 600 mm800 x 600 mm800 x 1250 mm/td>800 x 1250 mm--
Payload (each table) (kg)400 kg150 kg300 kg600 kg300 kg500 kg
Measurements (L x W x H) (cm)290 x 240 x 260 cm290 x 240 x 260 cm240 x 430 x 230 cm240 x 430 x 230 cm450 x 240 x 270 cm450 x 240 x 270 cm
Weight (kg)2500 kg2800 kg4300 kg4500 kg4400 kg4500 kg
Recommended robot typeTM-1400TM-1400TM-1800 / TL-1800TM-1800 / TL-1800TM-1800 / TL-1800TM-1800 / TL-1800

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