Industrial Robots: TM Series

TM Series design engineers Panasonic

Panasonic presents the TM Welding Robot Series, this being the all new and unique generation of robots. Customers have the possibility to decide freely whether to use an externally or internally mounted torch cable to match requirements of their applications. Additionally the robot series benefit from a highly rigid arm structure and an improved and efficient servo motor, which provides an enhanced harmonious movement for the positioning of the welding torch. With an all new high resolution encoder working in combination with the highly rigid arm, the TM robots provide improved path accuracy. Through this the TM robot fits optimally the requirements of a flexible and efficient welding process.


 TM 1100TM 1400TM 1600 TM 1800TM2000 
Payload (kg)6 kg6 kg4 kg6 kg6 kg
Max. Reach (mm)1.163 mm1.437 mm1,639 mm1.809 mm2,011
Repeatability (mm)± 0.08 mm± 0.08 mm± 0.08 mm± 0.08 mm± 0.10 mm
Weight (kg)156 kg170 kg180 kg215 kg217 kg
Max. Speed Swivel225 º/s225 º/s210 º/s195 º/s195 º/s
Max. Speed For/Backward225 º/s225 º/s197 º/s197 º/s197 º/s
Max. Speed Up/Downward225 º/s225 º/s205 º/s205 º/s205 º/s
Max. Speed Rotation425 º/s425 º/s425 º/s425 º/s425 º/s
Max. Speed Bending425 º/s425 º/s425 º/s425 º/s425 º/s
Max. Speed Twisting629 º/s629 º/s629 º/s629 º/s629 º/s

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