Industrial Robots: TL Series

TL Series design engineers Panasonic

The new developed TL Robot series by Panasonic has the opportunity to work in a 2 meter working area for wide and maximum reachable welding procedures. With the efficient and rapid mechanical system this robot is the fastest robot on the market. Compared to former products the speed of the major axis is adjusted to its maximum. An integrated wire feeder and an optional usable wire guiding are only two outstanding advantages of the new Panasonic robot model. The new torch design allows an optimal adjustment of the welding torch according to the installed TCP-properties. Through this an improved path accuracy and therefore an optimal welding result can be achieved.


 TL 1800TL 2000
Payload (kg)8 kg6 kg
Max. Reach (mm)1.801 mm1.999 mm
Repeatability (mm)± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm
Weight (kg)215 kg216 kg
Max. Speed Swivel195 º/s195 º/s
Max. Speed For/Backward197 º/s197 º/s
Max. Speed Up/Downward205 º/s205 º/s
Max. Speed Rotation385 º/s385 º/s
Max. Speed Bending375 º/s375 º/s
Max. Speed Twisting624 º/s624 º/s

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