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Metal film fusing resistors provide accurate fusing characteristics and are small  size and lightweight. They have a consistent performance in reliability.

Panasonic offers Leaded Fuse Resistors in Metal Oxide, Metal Film and Carbon Film Resistor technologies. Fuse Resistors are primarily used in safety circuits.

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Series/TypeData SheetImagePower Rating (W)Resistance Range (Ω)Resistance Tolerance (%)RoHS (Compliance Certificate)REACH (Report of Confirmation)
Metal (Oxide) Film Resistors0.5 to 50.1 to 100k±2, ±5CertificateReport of Confirmation
Anti-Pulse Power Resistors0.5 to 351k to 750k±2, ±5CertificateReport of Confirmation
Metal Film Resistors/Low Resistance Value0.5 to 222m to 82m±5CertificateReport of Confirmation
Metal Film Fusing Resistor0.25 to 21 to 560±5CertificateReport of Confirmation

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