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Attenuator design engineers Panasonic
Attenuator EXB14

Chip-type attenuators for high-frequency signal attenuation, level adjustment or matching improvement with following characteristics:

  • Unbalanced π type attenuator circuit in one chip.
  • Mounting cost reduction : Only 1 chip placed as compared to 3
  • Attenuation value : 1 dB to 10 dB

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Series/TypeData SheetImageFeaturesPower Rating (W)Characteristic Impedance (Ω)Attenuation Value (dB)Recommended ApplicationsRoHS (Compliance Certificate)REACH (Report of Confirmation)
Chip AttenuatorAttenuator circuit in one chip0.04/package501 to 10 Attenuation / level control / impedance matching of high frequency (communication signalling equipment cellular phones(GSM, CDMA, PDC, etc.), PHS, PDAs)CertificateReport of Confirmation

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