Power Inductors (SMD): Multilayer Type Power Inductors

Multilayer Type Power Inductors design engineers Panasonic
Power Inductors (Multilayer type) ELG-TEA

Panasonic multi-layer power inductors feature a small 0805 case size and excellent DC current bias characteristics, driven by Panasonic’s proprietary laminating process technology.

MLPI is miniaturized and corresponding to large current, therefore it contributes to space and cost reduction of DC/DC Power supply circuit

We have realized large-current MLPI by introducing ferrite green sheet material (our original technology) and improving multilayer technology. Magnetic layers between coils are thinner than it used to be.

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Achieved Smaller Space, Higher Frequency and Lower Cost
 Company A: Molding Metal TypeCompany B: Wire-Wound TypePanasonic: Multilayer Type
AppearanceCompany A (Molding metal type)Company B (Wire-wound type)Panasonic (Multilayer type)
Saturation current Isat (A)
High frequency resistance Rac (mΩ)
Price index×


Characteristics of Saturation Current (Isat)Characteristics of High Frequency (Rac)



Multilayer Power Inductors(MLPI) are main components used in DC/DC power circuits of Smartphone, Tablet PC, Wearable device DSC etc.



Our original sheet material and multilayer technology realized large-current MLPI

Structural Design to Correspond to Large Current
Conventional Type Present Type
 Conventional TypePresent Type
A: Magnetic layer between coilsThickThinner
B: The thicknes of coilsThinThinner
C: Ferrite between coil and external electrodeThinThinner
Sheet Material Design Corresponding to Large Current
Our original technology realized thinner magnetic layer between coils, thicker thicknes of coils and ferrite between coil and external electrode.


Structural Advantages of MLPI Contribute to Reduction in Size and Cost


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