Motors, Compressors, Pumps: Motor for Home Appliance & Automotive

Motor for Home Appliance & Automotive design engineers Panasonic
MOTOR for Automotive Flat-Space-Saver-Motor

Motors for Home Appliances
Panasonic, one of the World’s largest motor manufacturers, offers a wide variety of motors manufactured in China, Thailand and Japan.

Panasonic motor products include:

  • Various types of air conditioning motors, commonly called ECM motors, for in-door and out-door use
  • Refrigeration fan motors for condenser cooling or evaporator air circulation
  • Brushless style motors for washing machines and dryers
  • Vacuum cleaner motors for vacuum, spa and other industrial applications

Motors for Automotive
Panasonic "Spacesaver" motors consist of a family of products designed for the rugged use that is frequently associated with fans in automotive “under-the-hood” applications.


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