Motor for FA and Industrial Applications: Compact AC geared Motor

Compact AC geared Motor design engineers Panasonic
Gear Motors

Panasonic gear motors are available in a large variety of configurations and matching gear-heads to meet almost any applications needs.

These AC voltage motors have numerous features including:

  • CE/UL/CCC ratings
  • A wide range of motor variation up to 90W; Induction, Reversible, 3 phase, Variable speed and Electromagnetic Brake
  • A wide range of gear head ratios from 3 to 200:1 with a decimal gear for larger ratio’s
  • Multiple bearing types; Ball & Sleeve
  • Multiple gear head types; torque and right-angle
  • 10,000 hour life expectancy ball bearing types
  • Most motors are available with metric or inch shafts
  • Speed controllers

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