Switches: Light Touch Switches (Including Automotive Use)

Light Touch Switches (Including Automotive Use) design engineers Panasonic
Light Touch Switches EVQPL

Panasonic Light Touch Switches, which are often referred to as tact or tactile switches in the industry, are momentary push-on switches to be used with a small current (rated 20mA and 15Vdc). They provide a unique sharp and clear click operational feel, have low contact resistance, small bouncing noise, high contact reliability and come in a wide selection of operating forces.

As one of the top suppliers in the world, Panasonic also offers options such as super-thin, super-small, side-mounted, double-action, long travel (stroke), over travel, as well as surface-mount and J-bent terminal mounting options.

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Series/TypeData SheetImageExternal Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)Applicable SolderingSMD-TypeTravel (mm)Operating Force (N)Operating life (cycles)RatingVariety
6mm Square Middle Travel 2 terminals SMD Light Touch...6.0X6.0X4.0Reflow SolderingSMD0.753.510000050 mA 12 V DC-
8 mm Square Long Travel SMD Light Touch Switches8.5X8.5X6.5Reflow SolderingSMD1.04.0, 5.010000050 mA 12 V dcGround Terminal: Without
10mm Square Center Space Long Travel SMD Light Touch...9.8X9.8X4.6Reflow SolderingSMD1.04.010000050 mA 12 V dcUp to a 4.2-mm diameter chip LED can be mounted.
6mm Square Middle Travel SMD Light Touch Switches6.0x6.0x3.5Reflow Soldering-0.252.0100000020 mA 15V dcPush Plate: With, Ground Terminal: Without
2.8 mm×1.9 mm SMD Light Touch Switches2.8x1.9x0.53,
Reflow SolderingSMD0.151.6, 2.2530000020 mA 15V dcPush Plate: With, Ground Terminal: Without
2.6 mm X 1.6 mm SMD Light Touch Switches2.6X1.6X0.53Reflow SolderingSMD0.111.650000020mA 15V DCn/a


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