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Panasonic Light Touch Switches, which are often referred to as tact or tactile switches in the industry, are momentary push-on switches to be used with a small current (rated 20mA and 15Vdc). They provide a unique sharp and clear click operational feel, have low contact resistance, small bouncing noise, high contact reliability and come in a wide selection of operating forces.

As one of the top suppliers in the world, Panasonic also offers options such as super-thin, super-small, side-mounted, double-action, long travel (stroke), over travel, as well as surface-mount and J-bent terminal mounting options.

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Series/TypeData SheetImageExternal Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)Applicable SolderingSMD-TypeTravel (mm)Operating Force (N)Operating life (cycles)RatingVariety
4 mm Square SMD Light Touch Switches4.1X4.1X0.35, 4.1X4.1X0.43, 4.1X4.1X0.58Reflow SolderingSMD0.251.0,1.6,2.4,1000000, 500000, 20000020 mA 15 V dcPush Plate:With, Without, Ground Terminal:With, Without
4.9 mm Square SMD Light Touch Switches4.9X4.9X0.8, 4.9X4.9X1.5Reflow SolderingSMD0.251.0, 1.6, 2.6500000, 20000020 mA 15 V dcPush Plate:With, Without, Ground Terminal:With
6 mm Square Thin Type SMD Light Touch Switches6.5x6.0x2.0, 6.5x6.0x2.5, 6.5x6.0x3.1Reflow SolderingSMD0.25 , 0.300.5, 0.6, 1.0, 1.3, 1.6, 2.6, 3.52000000, 1000000, 200000, 10000020 mA 15V dcGround Terminal:With, Without
3.0 mm X 2.0 mm SMD Light Touch Switches3.0x2.0x0.6Reflow SolderingSMD0.13, 0.151.6, 2.4, 3.330000020mA 15V DC-
3.0 mm X 2.6 mm SMD Light Touch Switches3.0X2.6X0.65Reflow SolderingSMD0.151.3,1.6,2.4,3.410000020 mA 15 V dcPush Plate:With
3.0 mm X 2.6 mm 2 terminals SMD Light Touch Switches3.0X2.6X0.58Reflow SolderingSMD0.131.830000020 mA 15 V DCPush Plate:With
3.4mm X 2.9mm SMD Light Touch Switches3.4X2.9X0.7Reflow SolderingSMD0.151.6,2.450000020mA 15V DCWith anactuator
3.5 mm X 2.9 mm SMD Light Touch Switches3.5x2.9x1.7Reflow SolderingSMD0.151.0, 1.6, 2.4, 3.5, 5.01000000, 20000020 mA 15 V dcGround Terminal:With, Without
4.7 mm X 3.5 mm SMD Light Touch Switches4.7X3.5X2.1, 4.7X3.5X2.5Reflow SolderingSMD0.25, 0.701.0 , 1.6 , 2.4 , 2.5 , 3.5 , 5.0200000, 500000, 100000020 mA 15 V dcGround Terminal:With, Without, Push Travel:Middele, Short
6.0mm X 3.5mm SMD Light Touch Switches6.0X3.5X4.3, 6.0X3.5X5.0Reflow, Wave SolderingSMD0.251.0, 1.6, 2.450000, 3000050 mA 12 V dcPush Platel:With
3.5mm X 2.9mm Side-operational SMD Light Touch Switches3.5X2.9X1.35Reflow SolderingSMD0.201.6 , 2.210000050 mA 12 V dcGround Terminal:With, Without, Positioning Boss:With, Without
3.8mmX1.9mm Side-operational SMD Light Touch Switches3.9X1.9X1.6Reflow lderingSMD0.121.620000020mA 15V DCn/a
Small-sized Side-operational SMD Light Touch Switches4.7X3.5X1.65Reflow SolderingSMD0.31.6, 2.210000050 mA 12 V dcGround Terminal:With, Without, Positioning Boss:With, Without
2.8mmX2.3mmSide-operational Edge Mount Light Touch Switches2.8x2.3x1.95Reflow SolderingSMD0.131.630000020mA 15V DC-


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