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Encoders	EVE-V_EVE-Y

Panasonic Encoders convert the manual rotary operation of an actuator or knob into coded signal outputs.
The operation is similar to Potentiometers but the output signal is different in that it is a repeated pulse signal rather than a continuous analog signal.
Panasonic Encoders offer options such as high torque, push lock, long life, push-on switch, water proof and center space.

Line Up

14 matches.
Series/TypeData SheetImageResolutionDetents (point)Rotation Torque (mNm)Rotation life (Cycles)
7mm Square Encoders12245100000
11 mm Square GS Encoders G28, 1516, 30, Without 8, 12, 1430000
10 mm Square GS Encoders12241 to 10200000
10 mm Square SMD Encoders3Non-detents270000
11 mm Square GS Encoders8, 12, 15, 1616, 24, 323 to 2030000
12 mm Square GS Encoders with Push-on Switch20203 to 2030000 (Switch 15000)
16 mm Square Encoders8, 1616, 32251000000, 30000
18 mm Square Encoders (High Rotational Torque)Absolute 5 bitCustom design20 to 10015000
18 mm Square Encoder (Waterproof Type)4-bit, Gray cord absolute165030000
20/12 mm Center Space Encoders91811,1830000
27/17 mm Center Space Encoders9, 1518, 303 to 2030000
27/18 mm Center Space Encoders9,1518,309. 13.5, 1830000
38/25 mm Center Space Encoders15302030000
60/40 mm Center Space Encoders15303530000

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