Ultrahigh Accurate 3D Profilometer: UA3P-L Profilometer

UA3P-L Profilometer design engineers Panasonic
UA3P-L Profilometer

The newly introduced UA3P-L measures the vertical wall surfaces of objects and the interior surface of micron-level holes. Applications requiring High Aspect Ratio Metrology (HARM), such as fuel injector orifices, micro-sized gears, and semiconductor feature patterns can all benefit from this profilometer.

The UA3P-L is constructed with the same high-accuracy AFM technology as the Panasonic's other UA3P profilometers. Our unique approach uses atomic force probe technology in the stylus and HeNe laser-based interferometric XYZ axis positioning.

Features & Benefits

  • High-accuracy resin part measurement without contact deformation
  • Vertical and horizontal measurements with same probe
  • Robust system for use on the production floor

Applicable to micro-shapes
Down to 50μm nozzle holes, connectors, sensors, precision gears, etc.

Low contact force
With 0.3mN measurement force, won’t deform resin parts

Damping improvement

Reduced footprint

OK to locate on production floor


Model nameUA3P-L400S
Main body external dimensions900 (width) x 1 230 (depth) x 1 535 (height) mm (excludes monitor protrusion)
Main body mass700kg
Measurement range100 (X) x 100 (Y) x 50 (height) mm
Maximum size of object to be measured200 (X) x 200 (Y) x 110 (height) mm
Maximum sample mass10kg
ScaleHe-He frequency stabilized laser
Measurement angle45 to 90 degrees
Probe measurement force0.3 to 1.0mN (30 to 100 mgf)
Measurement speed0.01 to 5 mm/s
Probe measurement accuracy
(stylus : standard ruby)
± 0.15 μm (when measuring 90 degrees slope)
Probe manipulationKeyboard, Mouse or joystick operation available
SoftwareNC auto-generation for side measurement, Auto-alignment (Includes probe radius offset), Data editing,
Auto-centering, Monitoring while measuring, 3D color graph, Measurement origin operation,
Point array data output, Cylindricality, Sphericity, Flatness, Cylindrical shape evaluation function, etc
Usage environment20 to 25°C(maintained within ±1°C)in a controlled room
Humidity(20 to 60%), Minimal dust, Clean area, Free of vibration & Shock level area, Air should not directly
flow against the machine
Cleanroom level: Class 15,000 or lower(dust particle size)
Vibration acceleration level below 5.0cm/s2 (=5.0gal)

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