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Panasonic PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition Software Suite

PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition is a multi-level manufacturing execution system (MES) software solution for any size manufacturer. From the machine-level to the cloud-level, add new capabilities and automate processes across your entire enterprise and manufacturing operation.

With a modular system that can scale to support one machine or an installation of over 1,000, this Panasonic MES can integrate with any machine platform, business system, or location. And it helps you eliminate redundant manual process and decrease material labor costs.

PanaCIM Enterprise Edition is constantly expanding its capabilities and reach. This software suite goes beyond SMT and currently includes capabilities for: Material Control, Traceability, Production Analysis, Production Monitoring and Dispatch, Production Planning, Material Verification, Maintenance, Product Changeover and Control, and Data Linking.

PanaCIM Enterprise Edition is available in a self-contained, scalable MES deployment.

Engage with Panasonic for the right combination of tools and software you need to maximize the efficiency of your enterprise.

How PanaCIM® works:

Here's how the modules of the PanaCIM® Enterprise MES can cooperate in your manufacturing environment:

Begin with Production Planning to determine production resources' acquisition and allocation as well as satisfy manufacturing requirements accurately and efficiently.

Then manage inventory and assets, monitor MSD exposure, analyze relative performance, and reduce inventory costs with Material Control.

Use Material Verification to validate that the correct components are loaded-increasing quality and decreasing waste. It also eases changeover, splicing, and parts exhaust.

When production starts, centralized monitoring and notification from Production Monitoring and Dispatch allows your team to be fully engaged in events as they occur on the floor.

Configure and automate line changeover with Product Changeover and Control for quick and correct product download and equipment preparation without human intervention or downtime. Use Enterprise Link to seamlessly connect data from PanaCIM Enterprise Edition with other factory systems such as MRP/ERP systems for efficient, increased data integrity.

Maximize throughput with centralized maintenance scheduling, work order management, and logging of equipment resources through Maintenance. Organizations can minimize risk to recall, defects, or regulatory issues by viewing Panel, Component-to-Panel, and Placement-to-Panel traceability through the Traceability module.

And factory performance can be monitored anywhere in the world with Production Analysis, a web-based application operating in real-time with historical comparison, which also allows hastening of corrective response and increased productivity.

Manufacturing Execution System Deployment - PanaCIM® Express:

A self-contained distribution system for the PanaCIM manufacturing execution system (MES) software has arrived: PanaCIM Express.

Completely pre-configured and ready to go so it's easy to set up the system in any factory-especially in smaller installations that require digital data collection, yet do not have a dedicated IT staff.

When production expands, it's painless to integrate more boxes, redeploy them elsewhere in the factory, or to take a line-level approach that allows continuous production in one area while upgrading in another. Layout options are very flexible and recovery is simple too.

Building off the inherent modularity and scalability of PanaCIM Enterprise Edition makes this MES deployment solution relevant and cost-effective for any factory. Install the modules you need now; add on any time you need to down the road.

See what modules are available and how they interact over on the How PanaCIM® Works page. Or fill out the form to the right to find out more about how the PanaCIM MES can be ready to go in your factory.

Maintenance Augmented Reality - PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition

Maintenance Augmented Reality™ is an innovative solution for any factory regardless of equipment brand—and a first for the industry.

Technicians receive a notification on their device, then simply point that device’s camera at the designated machine to find out what action is needed.

Deliver breakdown tickets and links to associated supporting documents, check lists, parts lists, and repair history so your staff can respond effectively and immediately to your factory’s needs. Beyond that technicians can use PanaCIM Maintenance Augmented Reality to add new information (comments, progress, recommendations, photographs, etc.), thereby improving the data available the next time a similar task is required.

Maintenance Augmented Reality was named Best Product - Americas in the Global Technology Awards held by Global SMT & Packaging Magazine.

•Helps take care of maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently •Facilitates communication on the factory floor •Available for any factory regardless of equipment brand in use

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