Surface Mount Technology: NPM-TT

NPM-TT design engineers Panasonic

NPM-TT twin tray assembly platform

Introducing the latest NPM platform for expanding and evolving electronics assembly requirements, the NPM-TT (Next Production Modular-Twin Tray) takes its place alongside Panasonic’s other award-winning models.

The electronics assembly machine processes boards up to 510 x 590 mm, thus expanding the SMT process to accommodate more tray-supplied parts in full independently-run-lane mode. Its dual lane functionality enables one or two products or two different products to be assembled at the same time. The optimal solution for both high-mix/ low-volume and low-mix/high-volume manufacturing.

While the machine is operating, the trays can also be used offline to enable the subsequent product to be set up. This saves on changeover time and optimises efficiency.

As well as accommodating tape and tray on both sides, the NPM-TT also combines in-line PoP to a NPM-D line and shares common feeders across the complete NPM platform.


  • Take advantage of the outstanding advantages offered by the dual-lane platform
  • (01005) 0402 chip to 120L x 90W x 28T to BGA up to 80 x 80 part range
  • Capable of processing up to 20-trays and 26 fixed tape and reel inputs for each side for a total of 92 available inputs
  • Offers compatibility with CM and NPM-D series intelligent feeders and nozzles
  • Flexible feeder/tray positions

Features & Benefits

Basic Specification
Selectable specifications for the supply unit
Placement head (8- &3-nozzle head)
Alternate/independent placement support
Capable to directly link with NPM-D
APC system is supported (Option)

High productivity through fully independent placement
Support Pin Automatic Change (option)

Large Components
Transfer Unit (option)
Feeder location free


Model ID
Single-lane modeL 50 x W50 ~ L 510 x W 590
Dual-lane modeL 50 x W50 mm ~ L 510 x W 300 mm
Single-lane mode4.0 s (With no component mounted on the reverse side of PCB)
Dual-lane mode0 s *No 0s when cycle time is 4.0 s or less
Electric source3-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480 V 2.5 kVA
Pneumatic source *1Min.0.5 MPa, 200 L /min (A.N.R.)
Dimensions *1 (mm)W 1 300*2 x D 2 798*3 x H 1 444*4
Mass2 650 kg
(Only for main body:This differs depending on the option configuration.)


Placement head8-nozzle head
( With Dual Heads )
3-nozzle head *5
( With Dual Heads )
Placement speed36 000cph (0.1s/chip)14 400 cph (0.25 s/chip)
11 000 cph (0.33 s/QFP)
Placement accuracy
± 40 µm/chip
± 30 µm/QFP 12mm to 32mm
± 50 µm/QFP 12mm Under
± 30 µm/QFP
(01005") 0402 chip*6 to L 32 x W 32 x T 12(0201") 0603 chip to L 150 x W 25 (diagonal152) x T 28
TapingTape : 8 to 56 / 72 mmTape : 8 to 56 / 72 / 88 / 104 mm
Specifications for front/rear tray feeders : Max.52
Specifications for front/rear feeder carts : Max.120
( 8 mm tape : double feeder, (small real) )
StickSpecifications for front/rear tray feeders : Max.6
Specifications for front/rear feeder carts : Max.14
TrayMax.40 sheets (Front supply unit : Max. 20 sheets + Rear supply unit : Max. 20 sheets)

*1 : Only for main body
*2 : 1 820 mm in width if extension conveyors (260 mm) are placed on both sides
*3 : Dimensions shown are specifications for front/rear tray feeders . Dimensions of specifications for front/rear feeder carts : 2 893 mm
*4 : Excluding monitor and signal tower
*5 : 3-nozzle head cannot be installed on NPM-D
*6 : The 0402 chip requires a specific nozzle/feeder.
*Value such as maximum speed and placement accuracy may vary depending on operating conditions.
*Please refer to the specification booklet for details.

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