Factory Automation: Sensors for Factory Automation

Sensors for Factory Automation design engineers Panasonic
Factory Automation Sensors

Panasonic offers a wide variety of Factory Automation Sensors including, Area, Color Mark, Laser, Safety Light Curtains, Photoelectric and more.


  • Fiber SensorsSensors equipped with fiber optical cables. The very small and special sensor heads are optimal for limited and difficult environments.
  • Area SensorsLight curtains for non-safety applications, e.g. “pick to light”.
  • Inductive Proximity SensorsInductive sensors allow the detection of metal (iron, steel) from a distance of 1 to 10mm.
  • Light Curtains / Safety ComponentsLight curtains, single beam sensors and scanner systems for safety relevant applications.
  • Micro Photoelectric SensorsOptical sensors with very small dimensions to detect even the smallest objects.
  • Particular Use SensorsSensors for special applications in the wafer production as well as fluid and leakage detection in the semiconductor industry
  • Photoelectric Sensors / Laser SensorsSensors allow detecting smallest objects from a long distance.
  • Sensor OptionsOptical sensors with a long sensing range available as thru-beam, retroreflective and diffuse reflective type.
  • Wire-Saving SystemsOptical sensors using the diffuse reflective technique (also called background suppression (BGS)), which allows color-independent object detection. These sensors combine sender and emitter in the same housing and do not need reflectors. Perfect for people and animal detection.

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