Screen Printer: SPD

SPD design engineers Panasonic

High-speed concurrent production of two same-type boards or two entirely different products is an outstanding feature of the SPD (screen printer dual). Changeover of one stencil while the other product is still running is enabled by the non-stop model changeover capability. The SPD's advanced squeegee cuts down on solder waste and also prevents clogging while excellent filling is ensured by the Panasonic's uni-floating printing method irrespective of board asperity – all in a very compact footprint.

The SPD features two printing stages, one at the front side and one at the rear side. It achieves productivity of 8.5s/PCB including average clean time when producing two PCBs of the same type up to 350 mm x 300 mm.

Find out about the NPM-D, which is a modular assembly solution that complements the SPD solution.


  • High-speed multiple snap-off for quality production
  • Ensure continuation of high-mix production with non-stop model changeover and enjoy time savings
  • Capable of handling boards up to 250 mm L x 216 mm W


Dual printing stage that furthers productivity:

High-speed production
Printing the same product on the front and rear printing stages enables the creation of a high-production line.
Even for the single lane applied for the post process, the lane utilization can be enhanced by supplying PC boards from the front and rear stages.

Nonstop changeover
The preparation for the next product can be carried out during one-sided stage production, thereby eliminating the time for changeover.

Production of different types of PC boards
Printing different products on the front and rear printing stages help enhance utilization and avoid the necessity for intermediate stock.

Higher quality & higher productivity. Further pursuing of high quality printing with "the cornerstone of quality is printing":

Hybrid squeegee head
Owing to the motor control of vertical squeegee motions in addition to the uni-floating printing method, we have
achieved a reduction in printing time and the prevention of air entrapped in the solder paste.

Load detection unit
The printing head is mounted with the load detection unit to monitor the printing pressure during printing.
Measuring the solder amount attached to the squeegee prevents solder amount shortages on the mask.

PCB support function
The support plates, integrated with the conveyor rails, support the back side of the PC board from end to end, which realizes the stabilization of printing quality.

A variety of options that increase quality and productivity:

Automatic solder supply unit (option)
Automatically supplying (X-direction movable)solder onto masks enables a long period of continuous printing.

Inspection result feedback support (option)*
According to the correction data of shifted printing analyzed by solder paste inspection (APC correction data), it corrects printing positions (X,Y,θ)

Stencil height detection (option)
Laser processes can optimize a contact of PC boards with stencils so that stable printings can be provided

Mask vacuum support mask-release (option)
Printing mask can be vacuumed during printing and support-table release.
It can enable more stable rinting by eliminating shift and stick of a mask.

*3D inspection equipment of another company can be also connected. Please inquire with your sales representative for more details.


Model No.NM-EJP5A
PCB dimensions (mm)L 50 × W 50 to L 350 × W 300
Cycle time5.5 s (Including PCB recognition ) *1
Repeatability±12.5 µm (Cpk1.33)
Screen frame dimensions (mm)L 736 × W 736 (Optional support for other sizes*2)
Electric source1-phase AC 200, 220, 230, 240 V ±10V 1.5 kVA*3
Pneumatic source0.5 MPa, 60 L/min (A.N.R.)
Dimensions (mm)W 1 220 × D 2 530 × H 1 444 *4
Mass2 250 kg*5

*1: PCB exchange time varies depending on the machine in the pre-process and the post process, the PCB size, the use of a PCB pressing-down unit and so forth.
*2: For mask specifications, please see the specification.
*3: Including blower and vacuum pump"Option"
*4: Except for the signal tower and the touch panel.
*5: Excluding options, etc.
*Values such as cycle time and accuracy may vary depending on operating conditions.
*Please refer to the ‘‘Specification” booklet for details.

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