Factory Automation: Pin Through Hole

Pin Through Hole design engineers Panasonic
Pin Through Hole

Panasonic understands manufacturers’ challenges in adapting to the demands of increasingly wider market segments. So Panasonic designed a common platform that incorporates jumper wire and radial solutions in both the high-density and high-speed arenas, and an expanded axial solution with built-in jumper wire flexibility.

Our platform provides a common interface (for ease of operational training and knowledge transfer), common maintenance requirements (reducing spare parts, skill development, and cross training needs), and seamless integration of the PanaCIM Enterprise Edition (MES) software (for visibility throughout your enterprise).


  • AV132High-speed axial insertion. 30,000 cph. 40 or 80 inputs.
  • RG131-SHigh-density radial insertion. 14,400 cph. 40 or 80 inputs.
  • RL132High-speed radial insertion. 25,700 cph. 40 or 80 inputs.

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