Microelectronics: Plasma Cleaner PSX307

Plasma Cleaner PSX307 design engineers Panasonic

The PSX307 plasma cleaner provides 1.5 times the productivity of conventional models. Parallel plate chamber technology delivers superior etch uniformity over conventional batch systems.

Ultra-thin gold-plated electrodes can be wire bonded reliably without nickel compound formation via argon plasma treatment. Gold plating savings alone can provide ROI justification.

Other capabilities include surface modification by oxygen plasma improving mold resin adhesion and under-fill wettability, and reducing incidence of peel-off, voids, and cracks.

Panasonic plasma cleaning equipment sets the standard; thereby, refining tomorrow's technology today.

Features & Benefits

High-speed, uniform parallel plate plasma cleaner

  • Fast - up to 360 substrates/strips per hour
  • Highly productive - inline processing for improved bonding, over molding and underfill
  • Semi S2/S8 compliant
  • Ar, O2 or mixed gas plasma

  • The reason why an extra-thin gold plated electrode can be used
    When a extra-thin gold plated electrode is used, nickel compounds are formed on a surface after the heat treatment by the die-bonding cure. These nickel compounds impair the wire bonding performance, thus it is said that a thin gold plated electrode is unsuitable for wire bonding. However, the argon plasma treatment eliminates the nickel compounds, therefore stable wire bonding can be performed on an extra-thin and extra-cheap gold plated electrode.

    Surface reforming by oxygen plasma
    Surface reforming by oxygen radical improves mold resin adhesion and under-fill wettability. (Option)

    Transfer system options

    M type
    M type transfer system, loader, and unloader
    S type
    S type transfer system, loader, and unloader


Model IDPSX307
Model No.NM-EFP1A
Cleaning methedParallel plate RF back-sputtering method
Gas for electrical discharge *1Ar [option : O2]
Substrate dimensions (mm)L 50 x W 20 to L 250 x W 75 *2 incl. S type option
L 50 x W 20 to L 330 x W 120 incl. M type option
Substrate thickness (mm)0.5 to 2.0
Dimensions (mm) / Mass *3W 930 x D 1100 x H 1 450 / 555 kg
W 1 764 x D 1 100 x H 1 450 / 850 kg incl. S type option
W 1 764 x D 1 100 x H 1 450 / 770 kg incl. M type option
Power source *41-phase AC 200 V, 2.00 kVA [Full Load 5.00 kVA]
Pneumatic source0.49 MPa or more, 6.5 L/min [A.N.R.]

*1: If the optional oxygen gas is selected as a discharge gas, nitrogen gas is also required to dilute exhaust.
*2: For W 70.1mm to W 75mm, the electrode in the chamber is required separately.
*3: Tolerance of equipment dimensions is ±5mm, Touch panel and condition lamp is not included. Mass varies depending on configuration.
*4: Compatible with 1-phase 208/220/230/240 V
*Please refer to the specifications on details.

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