Microelectronics: Flip Chip Bonder MD-P300

Flip Chip Bonder MD-P300 design engineers Panasonic

Our newest process-flexible, flip chip bonder combines flip chip, thermosonic, and thermocompression bonding in a single, small footprint solution.

Flexible bonding tools change from thermosonic to C4 to TCB processes directly. It also supports 300mm (12") wafer substrates. The MD-P300 is an ideal solution for COB hybrid assembly with an in-line Panasonic SMT placement machine.

Fast cycle times and placement accuracy of +/-5μm at 0.5 seconds per IC (dry run)—with thermosonic and C4 processes at 0.65 seconds, including process times.

Features & Benefits

  • Process versatility
  • Ideal for processors and CMOS & MEMS power devices
  • Fast and accurate

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