Microelectronics: Dry Etch E600 Series

Dry Etch E600 Series design engineers Panasonic
Dry Etch 600 Series Panasonic

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Panasonic began developing dry etching technology in the early 1980's with machines built for internal use. Now the technology is being provided to the North American market with front-end equipment for semiconductor and electronic device circuit micro fabrication.

The Panasonic E600 dry etch series offers several models including both R&D with single wafer loading and auto-loading production machines with magazine-to-magazine handling. Ideal applications include MEMS, metal etching, III/V and deep silicon via etching.


Features & Benefits

  • ICP plasma with multi-spiral coil for high density plasma and good uniformity
  • Load-lock system with highly reliable wafer transfer mechanism
  • Smallest machine footprint in the industry
  • Choice of mechanical chuck or ESC and heating/ cooling options


Range of Applicaions

  • Si semiconductor: TSV, Deep Si, SiO2, Poly Si
  • III/V: GaAs, InP, GaN
  • MEMS: SiO2, Quartz, Au/Pt/PZT, Ti, Deep Si
  • Others: Metal (SAW), NiFe (Sensor), Gate and Metal (TFT-LCD)

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