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Applicable software : Maintenance system for Electric Bicycles 

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*Use of this software requires agreement of the Software Licensing Agreement. By downloading the Software, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the Software Licensing Agreement described below.

End User License Agreement

These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) create a contract between you and Panasonic Cycle Technology Ltd .Co ("PCT" or “We”). Please read this Agreement carefully before clicking the “Agree”, downloading or using our services. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not click on the "Agree" and do not download or use the Software.

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Article 1. Our Services

1.1   This Agreement governs your use of the electric bicycle’s fault detection services provided by PCT or its affiliate(s) (“Services”) through the Software.  “Software” means the proprietary PCT software products for the Services, which you may download onto your computer from our website and use on your desktop of your computer, and any improvements, updates or new-release versions hereof, and Manuals for the Maintenance system, Instruction manuals, brochures, catalogues or any other documentation in and to the proprietary PCT software product. Our Service is for professional users, and is not targeted towards consumers.  Our Services are available for your use in EU, Norway, and Switzerland.

1.2   In order to use the Software under this Agreement, you shall activate your copy of the Software with the valid license key provided to you (“Dongle Key”). You may purchase the Dongle Key from Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH ("PIEU") or PCT or their authorized distributors.  One Dongle Key is required for each computer.  We may release updates version of the Software at any time and at our expense. If we release the updates, you shall download and use the latest version of the Software.


Article 2. License

Subject to full compliance with conditions of this Agreement, PCT grants to you, in European Union, Norway , and Switzerland, a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, limited license to download, install and use the Software solely for the purpose of detecting faults of electric bicycle.


Article 3 Restrictions 

You shall not: (a) copy all or any portion of the Software; (b) decompile, disassemble or otherwise reverse engineer (except to the extent expressly permitted herein or by applicable law) the Software or any portion thereof; (c) modify the Software or create deliberative works of the Software, in whole or in part; (d) distribute, disclose, sell, lease, sublicense or otherwise transfer the Software, in whole or in part, to any third party; (e) remove or alter any copyright, trademark, trade name or other proprietary or confidential notices or labels appearing on the Software; or (f) utilize any equipment, device, software, or other means designed to circumvent or remove any form of Dongle Key(s) or copy protection used by PCT in connection with the Software, or use the Software together with any authorization code, Dongle Key, serial number, or other copy protection device not supplied by PCT, PIEU or through an authorized partner.


Article 4 Support

4.1  If any trouble in the course of activating the Dongle Key, including, but not limited to, your computer is not recognized the Dongle Key,  you can contact to PIEU or their authorized distributers which you purchased such Dongle Key.

4.2  If any bug, defect or error is found in the Software, you can contact to PIEU at info.pieu@eu.panasonic.com. Upon notice by PIEU, PCT may repair such error at PCT’s expense and in its sole discretion. If you provide feedback or suggestions about the Software, then we (and those we allow) may use such information without obligation to you.


Article 5 Ownership and Confidentiality

5.1  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, except for the limited license rights expressly provided herein, as between you and PCT, PCT have and will retain all rights, title and interest (including, without limitation, all patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property rights) in and to the Software. You acknowledge that you are obtaining only a limited license right to the Software, and that irrespective of any use of the words “purchase”,“sale” or like terms hereunder no ownership rights are being conveyed to you under this Agreement or otherwise.

5.2  You acknowledge and agree that the Software is the proprietary of PCT and you shall keep in confidence in the Software and shall not disclose to any other parties without prior written consent of PCT. You shall take all reasonable measures to avoid disclosure, dissemination or unauthorized use of the Software, including, at a minimum, those measures you take to protect your own confidential information of a similar nature.


Article 6 Warranties and Indemnifications

6.1  PCT hereby warrants that it has all the necessary rights and authority to enter into this Agreement and to grant license hereunder.

6.2  You acknowledge and agree that (i) the Service is only to detect the electric bicycle’s fault and (ii) any issue regarding any warranties of the electric bicycle itself, or its parts or portion thereof (“Issue”) is subject to the agreement between you and the party you purchased the electric bicycle, and PCT and PIEU shall not be responsible for any liabilities arising out of or in connection the Issue with to you.



Article 7 Miscellaneous

7.1 Modifications of the Agreement: PCT may, from time to time, change this Agreement. You shall look at the Terms regularly. If you do not agree to the modified Agreement, you shall discontinue your use of that Software. Your continued use of the Software constitutes your acceptance of the modified Terms.

7.2  Compliance: You shall comply with all applicable law, regulation, and third party rights (including without limitation laws regarding the import or export of data or software, privacy, and local laws).

7.3 Term and Termination: This Agreement shall be effective until terminated by you or PCT. You  may terminate this Agreement at any time with or without notice to PCT or PIEU, provided that, before termination of this Agreement, you shall stop using the Software and the Service, and delete any Software. PCT  may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving thirty (30) days prior written notice of termination to you. Upon termination notice by PCT, you shall immediately stop using the Software and the Service, and delete any Software. Your rights under this Agreement shall terminate automatically if you fail to comply with any terms of this Agreement. The provisions of Articles 5, 6 and 7 shall survive termination or expiration of the Agreement.

7.4 Severability: If any provision of this Agreement shall be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable or invalid, that provision shall be limited to the minimum extent necessary so that this Agreement shall otherwise remain in effect.

7.5 Governing law: Excluding conflict of laws rules, this Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Japan.

Operating Environment

CPURecommend Intel Core 2 Duo or above
OSMicrosoft Windows Vista SP2 (32/64 bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (32/64 bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 (32/64bit)
MemoryOS 32 bit ; 1 GB or more, OS 64 bit ; 2 GB or more
InterfaceIBM PC/AT compatible machine with USB 2.0 port
HDDAt least 10 GB of free space
ResolutionXGA (1024 x 768 ) or more
Multi-monitorOnly primary monitor supported
User AccountAdministrator privileges required
Authentication keyDedicated USB authentication key (needed)
Connection Cable Dedicated Micro USB cable (type B plug – Standard A plug) needed


Latest Version: (updated on 21st February 2020)
…Some bugs has been fixed.
Latest Version: (updated on 14th March 2019)
...Correspond to '19 Drive unit.
Changed customer support URL.
Version : (updated on 18th October 2018)
…Some bugs has been fixed.
Version : (updated on 18th August 2018)
…Correspond to '18 Drive unit(MY19).
Version : (updated on 14th October 2017)
…Some bugs has been fixed.
Version :  (updated on 28th September 2017)
…Some bugs has been fixed.
Version :  (updated on 8th August 2017)
…Correspond to '17 Drive unit.
Version :  (updated on 8th August 2016)
…Correspond to '16 Drive unit with Internal 2-speed gear.
Version :  (updated on 7th December 2015)
…Delete the function of Console deauthentication.
Version :  (updated on 28th August 2015)
…Correspond to '14 single-shaft drive unit.
The application was supported Korean.
Version : (updated on 24th December 2014)
…Add external connection check function when maker use this software in mass production line for Front-Hub drive unit
Version : (updated on 6th November 2014)
…Correspond to a problem when maker use this software in mass production line for '13 single-shaft drive unit
Version : (updated on 1st October 2014)
…Add server update function of firmware for the control unit and console via maintenance system
Correspond to the good / bad indication of battery capacity for dealer ver.
Add logging function when maker use this software in mass production line
Add customer name display function in maintenance system's title bar for maker ver.
Version : (updated on 9th July 2014)
…Correspond to the Front-Hub drive unit and '14 single-shaft drive unit
Version : (updated on 24th February 2014)
…Add server update function of maintenance system


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