E-Bike Systems: Battery & Charger

Battery & Charger design engineers Panasonic
E-Bike Systems Battery and Charger

Semi-Integrated Battery Design


Our integrated design battery technology applies each bike a more sportive, light, smooth and clean design. 
Based on the side clip architecture the battery is easy to implement to nearly each kind of frame design, whether female or male, hardtail or full suspension. Even to plug in or take out the battery is very easy from user point of view, because of applying this architecture.



Curved Upright Battery


The upright battery is the traditional and the most common battery type in the Panasonic E-Bike history. 
Ideal for "Mid-ship-design"

  • enough space for high capacity
  • easy position to handle
  • Bike’s weight balance is better than other batteries

Upright Battery


This battery technology provides a high capacity as well as the highest quality and safety with an optimal design.


Rear Carrier Battery


This rear carrier battery matches well to the city and comfort type of E-Bike. 
It allows shortening the total length of E-Bikes.


36V Charger


This charger provides the same high quality in terms of efficiency and charging-safety as our high capacity battery technology.

When the charging starts, a communication between the battery and the charger ensures a safe and optimized control of the electric current flow. For safety reasons there is no fan and no vent hole for protection from dust and moisture. 

  • Charging on E-Bike is possible
  • Indoor usage only


Size (mm)Weight
180 x 90 x 48820g


CapacityCharge up to 80%Charge up to 100%
12Ahapprox. 3happrox. 5.5h

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