Circuit Protection: Multilayer NTC Thermistors

Multilayer NTC Thermistors design engineers Panasonic
NTC Thermistors ERT-J

Panasonic offers Surface Mount NTC Thermistors in a wide selection of temperature coefficients. Our Thermistors have excellent temperature and compensation capabilities, available in small case sizes and therefore suitable for high density placement.

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Series/TypeData SheetImageFeaturesZero-Power Resistance at 25CelB Value (K)Heat Dissipation Constant (mW/Cel)AEC-Q200 qualifiedRoHS (Compliance Certificate)REACH (Report of Confirmation)
NTC Thermistors for automotive devices (chip type)Surface Mount Device (0402, 0603)
Highly reliable multilayer / monolithic structure
Wide temperature operating range (-40 to +150deg.)
10kohm, 47kohm, 100kohm, 220kohm, 470kohm3380 to 47503, 2AEC-Q200 qualifiedCertificateReport of Confirmation
NTC Thermistor(Chip type)Surface Mount Device (0201, 0402, 0603)
Highly reliable multilayer/monolithic structure
Wide ranges of operating temperature(-40to125deg.)
22ohm to 470kohm2750 to 47003, 2, 1n/aCertificateReport of Confirmation

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