Secondary Batteries (Rechargeable Batteries): VRLA battery for EV

VRLA battery for EV design engineers Panasonic
Panasonic VRLA Electric Vehicle EV battery Image

The Panasonic EV series is designed specifically for electric vehicles and long-term cyclic applications. In both cases, the high cycle stability is a particular highlight, achieved in a recommended 5-step charging procedure.Our VRLA battery offers high performance with excellent safety and reliability for the customer´s requirements.


  • Golf buggies
  • Mobile floor sweepers
  • Solar or wind powered street lighting and advertising displays



  • High capacity
  • Designed for deep discharges
  • Extraordinary cycle stability
  • Excellent discharge characteristics at low temperatures and high currents

Model Number Explanations

Panasonic VRLA Battery EC-FV1238 Model Number Explanation Image

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