Batteries & Energy Products: Secondary Batteries (Rechargeable Batteries)

Secondary Batteries (Rechargeable Batteries) design engineers Panasonic
Panasonic secondary (rechargeable) batteries

The Panasonic Li-Ion batteries are a perfect combination of high energy density (e.g. NNP technology), safety (e.g. HRL technology) and long-life shows what is possible with this battery technology. Excellent safety and superior battery performance: this is what Panasonic stands for.

Our new Li-Ion Pin type batteries are following the above mentioned characteristics perfectly and are particular designed for applications such as wearables, glasses,  IoT devices etc.

The Ni-MH battery technology is now the Ni-Cd (Nickel-Cadmium) successor technology for rechargeable and portable devices. These batteries are ideal for less complex and cost-sensitive applications and meet most standard customer needs.

In addition Panasonic offers a comprehensive VRLA battery line-up which includes many different product groups. From batteries with a trickle design life of 6 – 9 years, 10 – 12 years and 15 years, to batteries for cyclic and high drain applications, the series includes solutions for every requirement. The Panasonic EV series is designed specifically for electric vehicles and long-term cyclic applications.

Last but not least the Panasonic Nickel-Cadmium batteries have been well known for their quality since 1964. With exceptional discharge performance and durability, Cadnica batteries are well-suited to tough conditions, including power tools and emergency lighting systems.



  • Coin-type Rechargeable LithiumOur Panasonic rechargeable Lithium coin batteries are designed chiefly for memory back-up applications.
  • Nickel CadmiumThe Panasonic Nickel-Cadmium batteries are well suited to tough conditions
  • Lithium Ion BatteriesPanasonic Li-Ion batteries are a perfect combination of high energy density, safety and long-life. The perfect battery for high performance demanding and sophisticated applications.
  • Lithium Ion Pin-type BatteryA 3.6mm diameter pin-shaped lithium ion battery which expands design options for micro devices.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride BatteriesOur Ni-MH batteries are state of the art and ideal for less complex and cost-sentitive applications.
  • Valve Regulated Lead-Acid BatteriesPanasonic offers a comprehensive VRLA battery line-up which meets customer needs in almost every application.
  • VRLA battery for EVThe Panasonic EV series is particular designed for electric vehicles and long-term cyclic applications.

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