EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) offers similar excellent features like RTEX. However, EtherCAT is an open, standardized field bus that allows an open data exchange with all other EtherCAT motion controllers. 

Easy mounting and reliable connections thanks to loop wiring

Motion Controller für MINAS A5B EtherCAT

  • MC4N-Mini EtherCAT Master from TRIO in combination with Panasonic's servo drives.The high-performance motion controller for complex applications involving linear, circular, helical or spherical interpolation combined with highly dynamic and compact servo technology. Ideal for machines with multiple axes or robot applications.
  • The PC software Beckhoff TwinCAT allows control in a multi PLC system in real time. Compatible with all Panasonic EtherCAT motion controllers from the MINAS A5B series.


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