Thermal Solutions

Find out more about Panasonic's thermal control product and the thermal solutions proposed by the PGS graphite sheet.


Are you having a heat related issue?


Thermal solutions proposed by the PGS graphite sheet

1. Product proposals
Counter all types of heat problems with its high thermal performance with combination of multiple features. 

2. Thermal Control Design Support
Optimized placement idea/product specification will be suggested from the heat simulation result.



The basic function with which PGS graphite sheet conveys heat. 


Thermal Solution 1: Suggested Products

Heat Solution 2: Thermal control design support

Heat simulation and real machine evaluation will give you the idea of most suitable product specification for your needs.


What is a PGS Graphite Sheet?

A type of graphite made from Carbon, an artificial flexible graphite sheet developed by Panasonic
⇒ Merit factors: light weight, high intensity, high stability, low environmental impact.


Features of the PGS graphite sheet

1. It is thin with high thermal conductivity:5 times of copper
⇒Heat control available while remaining thin / lightweight.

2. Flexibility: Easily-worked (could be tiny or complex shape)
⇒ More freedom in design than other sheet materials like natural graphite or copper sheet


3. Shielding (electromagnetic wave): Simultaneous solution for the thermal and electromagnetic wave problem

4. High stability (high grade carbon and high chemical stability): Environmentally resistant, no deterioration with age


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