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8-bit Microcomputers MN101C Series design engineers Panasonic

The AM1 Series of 8-bit microcomputers allows short-time program development in the C programming language. Its half-byte instruction set and other architectural features yield ROM code sizes that are small enough to rival those achieved with assembly language.
These devices are compact and have low power consumptions, yet offer high-speed operation with a minimum instruction execution time of 100 ns (at 5 V, 3 V)*1 and 50 ns(at 5 V, 3 V).*2
These microcomputers are suitable for a wide range of applications demanding high cost performance. The MN101 Series consists of the MN101C and MN101E Series.

  1. *1: MN101C Series
  2. *2: MN101E Series

Line Up

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MN101C Series embedded Panasonic coren/a

Major Application Areas

Home information appliances, audiovisual equipment, game machines, information and communications equipment, general home appliances,computer peripherals, health products etc.
In addition to offering the usual choice of packages, number of pins, and on-chip memory capacity, the Series is expanding to add new models that incorporate peripheral functions specific to application needs. Examples of such functions include FL and LCD drivers.

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