Wirtschaftsforum Interview with President Spatz

June 16, 2020 Newsletter
President Spatz in Wirtschaftsforum

President Johannes Spatz granted an interview to the Wirtschaftsforum magazine. He introduced the history of Panasonic and explained the origins of Panasonic Industry Europe. President Spatz gave a great overview about the company with its diverse products and market areas, explaining also our company culture and diversity.

The Wirtschaftsforum magazine is a major publication in the German speaking B2B markets with a focus on industry, automotive, energy, finance, environment and many other. The magazine was founded in 1990, targeting the German speaking medium-sized companies. The online edition reaches over 170.000 readers, while the print version has a circulation of 10.000 readers​.


Today, the interview with President Spatz is the top story of the Wirtschaftsforum magazine.

Read the whole interview​

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