Two kinds of wires and shielding gases can be switched - TAWERS Wire Switching System

December 09, 2016 Newsletter
 Factory Automation TAWERS Wire Switching System

Panasonic Robot & Welding introduces a robot system that can use two different kinds of wire materials with one robot and a single torch. Generally speaking there are three ways to weld different kinds of materials such as mild steel and stainless steel. The first one uses two robots. The second one switches the wire but uses one robot. The third ones switches the torch but uses one robot. These methods require high initial investments and additional equipment for tool exchange. They turn out to be complicated.


As a solution to this we would like to introduce this Wire Switching System. This system consists of one robot and a single torch. It is of simple design and does not require any equipment for tool exchange. Also this system can switch the wire in a short time because the tip of the torch switches the wire instead of switching the whole torch. By utilizing the various arc-characteristics.that come with TAWERS this system can reduce initial cost and improve cycle time and the extent of welding seams.



Please take a look at the welding operations for mild steel and stainless steel which work with different materials and shield gases. It will be conducted by one robot and a single torch. Mild Steel, 82%/18% Argon/CO2 MAG gas, Wire SG3 (1.2 mm) and Stainless steel, 97,5%/2,5% Argon/CO2 MAG gas, Wire G199LSi (1.2 mm).


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