The touch panels of the HM500 series - now with transparent mode!

August 01, 2016 Press Release

Together with Panasonic's compact PLCs, the HM500 touch panels form a winning team. Their hardware is both robust and reliable, ensuring excellent durability. This is why we give 5 years (or 30,000 hours) guarantee  on the HM500 series.

The dedicated software HMWin supports the newest version of the transparent mode, making the two partners compact PLC and HM500 the "jack of all trades" — at a price that leaves nothing to be desired.

Communication can be set to take place automatically between the COM and TOOL ports using the transparent mode (also called "through function"). When the FP series tool software installed on the computer connected to the touch panel is booted, PLC programs can be edited via the HM500 panel. The transparent mode does not require any special settings and is always in standby mode.

Thanks to the Ethernet interfaces of the HM500 series and the transparent mode, remote control, monitoring, maintenance, and programming are now available for our compact PLCs. All the data from machines and equipment connected to the PLC can be accessed with a PC and a standard browser, thus ensuring effective data logging. No matter where you are in this world, if you have an internet connection, you can monitor or change every production step of the machine while complying with all safety measures, of course.

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