A scalable optical disc library system that supports demand for long-term storage of important data

December 22, 2014

Panasonic Corporation will start receiving orders from February 2015 for the Data Archiver LB-DH8 series, a scalable optical disc library system. To meet the need for long-term storage at data centers, which are increasingly being built and enlarged worldwide, the Data Archiver LB-DH8 series allows multiple data storage modules to be configured in the server storage rack as the customer requires.

The system consists of a Data Archiver Magazine holding data storage optical discs and three types of modules: a Bottom Module (magazine carrier), a Base Module (magazine recording and playback unit), and an Expansion Module (Magazine loader), combined with magazine management software. The base module can house up to 76 data archiver magazines, each storing 1.2 TB of data. A maximum of 91.2 TB can be stored in each module. The 19" rack holds seven modules to realize high-volume optical disc storage of 638.4 TB per rack.

Same as in the former model, RAID technology is used for high-speed data transfer at up to 216 MB/sec, ensuring high reliability that protects data from unforeseen damage. An optical disc that has a data storage life of 50 years is adopted to eliminate costs that would otherwise be needed for periodic data migration. Data can be stored at room temperature, eliminating the cost of air conditioning. The system also enables data centers to effectively reduce the total costs needed for long-term data storage.

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