Safety product portfolio extension

March 01, 2015 New Product Introductions

Panasonic is already very successful in the range of safety products like safety light curtains, single beam sensors and scanner systems for the protection of work spaces. To complement this product range, Panasonic introduces now a complete line of safety devices for manufacturing environments. This new line includes emergency stop switches, safety grip switches, key selector switches and very thin safety door switches. Also a new safety controller is available.
The safety door switches of SG-B1 series and SG-A1 series offer a very flat outstanding design suited for environments with little installation space. The SG-B1 series features a solenoid interlock and five built-in contacts. The SG-A1 series contains three built-in contacts.

These products provide a key-based operation for worker protection in larger areas that could be hazardous. The SG-B2 series safety door switch and the SG-D1 series key selector switch can be used in tandem to add multiple layers of protection.

  • One key operates both series
  • Prevents workers from getting trapped

The SG-E1 series is an emergency stop (E-Stop) switch with push-to-lock and turn-to-reset functionality. For use as an emergency shutoff for the semiconductor industry, models are adhering to SEMI standards (EMO) are also available.

  • Push to lock, turn to reset
  • Compatible with Section 12.1 of the SEMI Standards (S2 0706)

The SG-C1 series is a grip switch which allows operators who are currently in a hazardous area to operate machines safely. With three grip positions and multiple operating patterns, the SG-C1 series can be used in many different applications.

  • Solid tactile feedback
  • Three switch positions
  • Multiple operating patterns

The safety control units allow you to connect and control various safety components for machines. The SF-C10 series is specially designed for the connection and control of Panasonic light curtains, while the safety control unit SF-C21 can be used for all kind of safety devices like safety switches, emergency switches, enable grip switches, safety beam sensors, safety scanners, or safety light curtains.

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