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June 01, 2015 Product Notices
Panasonic new B01 connector series for safe power transmission

Smartphones and other devices more and more often contain features requiring high currents, e.g. a camera flash or a bright, high-contrast display. At the same time, portable devices keep becoming smaller and more powerful, which means that their components, especially the batteries, also have to follow the trend to miniaturization. This makes it necessary to create a connection between batteries and internal circuit that is both small and still suitable for high currents. 

This is why Panasonic, the global leader in the narrow pitch connector range, has developed the B01 series for board-to-FPC applications. The series is able to carry high currents of 6A and is thus ideally suited for battery applications and power supplies in mobile devices such as wearable technology and embedded solutions. The B01 series has a mating height of only 0.6mm or 0.8mm and a footprint of 2.40mm x 4.45mm on the circuit board. Two additional signal contacts make it possible to integrate temperature sensors and battery ID recognition at the same time. 

Thanks to the guiding shape the socket and header are easy to mate. The safe connection of the two connector halves is indicated to the user by a click feel. A high holding force of 10N guarantees a reliable connection. The small size and the low profile notwithstanding, the removal force is high thanks to a special Panasonic multi-contact mechanism. The mechanism uses three contact points per pin and double spring balancers for the terminals. 
This way, the B01 series combines a high current load capacity with a small footprint and a reliable connection of components. 

The most important features at a glance:
•    High current rating of 6A
•    High removal force of more than 10N
•    Low profile
•    Robust design
•    Compliant with RoHS / REACh

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