The Polymator

November 06, 2014 New Product Introductions

Calculation & Selection Tool for Polymer Capacitors

Panasonic has updated the Polymer Capacitor Calculation and Selection Tool. 
It contains the data of all 4 Polymer Capacitor technologies (Hybrid, SP Cap, OS-CON and POSCAP) now.

Based on individual circuit requirements you can chose the best Polymer Capacitor Solution out of the Panasonic portfolio.
The calculation tool is designed for following circuits: Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, Forward & Flyback.
This allows to calculate quick and easy specific circuit requirments and to get the best possible solution out of the Panasonic Polymer Capacitor range.

Download the Polymer Capacitor Calculation and Selection Tool 

In order to download the selected file, please check and accept our terms and conditions (*pdf file).

PIDEU_GT&Cs for Engineering Tools.pdf