PF - Slim power relay made in Europe

April 01, 2015 New Product Introductions

At just 5mm wide, the APF relay is an excellent candidate for high-density applications. The bent-pin version makes it possible to reduce the height of the relay to an impressively low 5mm. Therefore, applications can be designed in extremely flat size by using an electromechanical relay rated at 6A/ 250V AC. 

From now on, users can choose between two different contact materials, AgNi and AgSnO2. Especially for applications where inrush currents are generated, the superior welding resistance of AgSnO2 is an advantage. This way, the full range of applications requiring a small size in combination with high switching performance can be satisfied by using Panasonic’s slim PF power relay with straight and bent pins.

The APF is available with 1 Form A or 1 Form C contact arrangements and a wide range of coil voltages from 4.5 to 60V. Of course, the relay complies with all relevant safety standards: UL, C-UL and VDE.

Whether you require a slim power relay for PLC temperature control, for a compact interface unit in an industrial switching cabinet, or wherever space is a decisive issue, the APF relay is the product of choice.

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